In a community where typical restaurant fare is chicken nuggets and sweet tea, one particular item is causing problems.

Customers are intrigued to try the new Quinoa Salad at the American Multi-Cultural Steakhouse in Birmingham, AL after the restaurant (formerly Farmer Billy’s Steak Shack) was purchased by a California tycoon last month.  But no one is sure how to pronounce it.

“I just want some buffalo chicken nuggets,” customer Harold Paleze says.  “They were on the Farmer Billy’s menu but now I gotta get this quinoa thing instead.”

The menu was imposed as the company swept in, and the changes were sharp.  “We got rid of the unhealthy food and replaced it with better food options,” training manager Kwame A. McJess said.  “We also are getting rid of sweet tea, because really, how much could we actually sell?”

But customers aren’t buying it.  The old menu could cost a typical family of four $45 to eat a meal.  This menu, with $8 sodas and $13 draft beers, costs typically $130 for four people, a price point that is out of reach for most of the community.

And the menu is wreaking havoc on the chefs, who were classically trained to use the microwave, as well.  Typical orders have taken an average of 97 minutes to complete, compared to the previous 3 minutes 37 seconds.

The wait, as well as customers’ displeasure with the new menu, has also lead to a sharp decline in gratuities for the waitstaff, as well.  McJess insists that any decline in tips is solely due to waiters clearly being terrible.

It is unclear what drugs the new owner was on when trying to impose such an exotic and expensive menu on a community of yokels, but the restaurant is not expected to survive very long.


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