Employees are trained to fill shredded ice to the top, and no more than 10% of the cup’s volume is to include soda.  But one rogue employee at the Cook Out drive thru has been including up to 15% soda.

Jenn Russ, an employee at a Charlotte, NC Cook Out has been found out, as the one who’s been giving away all the company’s profits.

“I thought I had won the lottery,” customer Thurston P Howell IV said.  “I mean, soda never comes in these cups!  Not like this!”

Company spokesman Stenn Gee says the gaffe has cost the company almost twenty dollars since Russ decided to go rogue.  “Needless to say, she’s been terminated,” Gee said.  “Prices will now have to go up to cover our loss.”

Customers are starting to boycott Cook Out to show support to Russ, who would announce via Twitter when she worked so customers would know to get their extra fix.  She had over 18,000 followers for this purpose alone.  She now works at McDonalds and will be fighting the good fight there.


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