If you ever wanted to go to the Happiest Place on Earth, you’d better hurry up and go now.

“We can’t trust them to vote on prices for next year,” internet blog Planning Ears said.  “It’s irresponsible of them to put an end date to this year’s price structure without already having next year’s decided.  They’ve known for years this day would come.”

A survey of the company’s website shows that after December 31, 2017, there will be no availability at any resort, and ticket sales at that time will also halt.  This is due to a political strategy, by which the company details prices to a certain end date, and at an indeterminate time in the future, will release prices for the following year, rather than keeping prices stagnant in perpetuity.  The Disney Company has lost over $1.207 Trillion in previous years when they failed to react accordingly to the failing price and schedule.

“They don’t even care, they work there.  They can just go whenever they want, for free.  They already discriminate against pregnant women on their rides, this only hurts the millions of Americans with pre-existing vacation plans,” the blog said.  It then went on to list several things the company would stop doing, such as providing character meals and family rides.  They even list kicking people out of their resort rooms at midnight on New Year’s, since it will technically be 2018.

But Disney has a different spin on the situation.  They say that the staging in prices is necessary to gauge unforeseen customer needs and price points.  “We’ve always done it this way,” Disney VP of Communications Zenia Mucha said in a statement.  “Next year’s prices will be different, better, and will take into consideration what we have learned in previous years.  No one will lose their hotel rooms, and we are working on several plans at the moment to incorporate into the schedule and pricing.”

Disney claims it will have prices and hours for next year announced by this summer, to take effect by the January 1, 2018 deadline.  Stay tuned to the Times for further updates as this story unfolds.


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