Next time you get offered a surgery that’s too good to be true, think twice.

“I always wanted my own pair of boobs,” Utah sanitation worker Jerome Stanley said.  “They look fun, and they’re fun to play with.”

Stanley was talking about becoming one of a growing group of straight males whose fascination with the female body parts drove them to adding them to their own body.  And doctors are surprisingly on board for this.

“A typical boob job costs around $4000-$8000,” surgeon Michael Lipbaum says.  “So why would we rule out half the population?”

But the surgery did not give the joy and comfort that was planned.  First, Stanley says, he was left with two 4″ scars he was not planning on.  Second, they’re not jiggly.  And perhaps worst of all, now he is getting hit on by other straight men.

“I just want them out now,” Stanley said.  “I want my manhood back.”

Doctors are setting the price of removal at $28,000 per breast, and Stanley has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the surgery.


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