Just one day after Tilikum, a 35 year old orca died at Sea World Orlando, the amusement park has added him to the menu.

The killer whale is probably best known for his starring role in the movie, “Blackfish,” in which a half-white-half-black mammal overcomes the stereotypes of those who want to frame it for murder.  Something no beluga or other fully white whale would be accused.

Tilikum died of an apparent suicide after receiving threats from rival Orlando water park, Typhoon Lagoon, who in 2010 framed the whale for murder.  Toxicology reports showed excessive levels of freshwater, which is poisonous to killer whales, in Tilikum’s system.

Guests attending the park will have the opportunity to sample fried orca, dolphinsticks, and whale salad, and paired with a special release of New Coke it will make a combo meal for $23.95 plus tax.  The theme park will also be packaging the 6 ton animal’s parts for distribution exclusively with Whole Foods Market in the south east region.

“We plan to be able to use Tilikum through the summer, he should be all gone by October,” SeaWorld PR Director Susan Storey said.  “The leftover parts will be fed to the other whales so none of them ever try to kill their trainer again.”

Animal rights activists are cheering the animal’s death as a win.  They believe that amusement parks like SeaWorld should not exploit wildlife for profit.  They believe with the death of their cash sea cow, there will be less profit for the park.

“People love to try exotic meats and animals,” Storey said.  “If we can profit a little off that animal that has cost us such a public relations nightmare, we’re going to do it.”


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