Just two weeks before becoming the second most powerful person in the world, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence has resigned, and Donald Trump has already chosen a replacement that’s causing quite a stir.

“I am so sorry to do this to our base, and to our country.  Millions of people were counting on me to be the brains of this operation, but I had prior obligations that I just couldn’t change,” Pence said in a statement.  “Rest assured, however, that the country is in good hands with the VP that’s being appointed.”

He’s referring to almost former President Obama, who has led the country for the last eight years through some of its toughest trials.  President-Elect Donald Trump announced in a tweet this morning, “Since @Mike_Pence is out as VP, I appoint @BarackObama to the job. Take that, liberals! #Newsworthy #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #DemoteObama”

Trump apparently thinks that making a sitting President into a Vice President is a demotion.  But a deeper look shows that there might be more here than a misunderstanding in hierarchy.

“Since the 22nd amendment prohibits a U.S. President from being elected more than twice, but this could just be the loophole Democrats were trying for,” Political Scientist Mark Ravern says.  “Since Trump has already leaked plans to resign the Presidency next month, it would mean that Obama would become a sitting president for virtually the next four years.”

Many questioned the authenticity of Trump’s Republican ties over the last year during his run for the party nomination and eventual election to office of the greatest power in the land.  Since the latest stunt, House speaker Paul Ryan has announced plans to impeach Trump beginning January 20th at 12:02PM.

“Hopefully we can get him out of there sooner than later,” Ryan said in a conference.  “We can’t wait a month, at least Obama has some working knowledge of the world.  Maybe then, we can get on with our lives!”

Stay tuned to This Week In Times for updates as they come in.


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