Maryland became the first state Tuesday to draft legislation to ban women from using parking lots.  This comes after a scathing NHTSA report that showed females’ inability to properly park a car.

The legislation, which will be up for vote in early February, places a 100 yard moratorium on women drivers entering a parking lot.  Women would still be allowed as passengers, or as pedestrians if they are accompanied by a man.

“They can’t park between the lines,” bill sponsor and Maryland district 38A delegate Charles Otto says.  “We’ve wanted for years to pass this bill, but it was always met with such opposition by women’s groups.  Now that the NHTSA has reported its findings, we have the science to back up what we’ve always known.  That women are just plain bad drivers.”

It’s not just a convenience or etiquette issue.  The NTSB also says that insurance claims from women parking too close, using cell phones while looking for a parking spot, and not stopping at crosswalks are more than 3 times the rate of men.

The new legislation will require drop off points near the entrance to each parking lot, so that women who may be driving can exit their vehicles and have them safely parked by a man.  Over a five year plan, women will be banned from secondary streets where they commonly are applying make-up or fixing their hair, and by 2024, they will be banned from highways as well.  AZ, TX, and VT are also proposing similar legislation.


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