Police Friday responded to reports at a Jacksonville TGI Friday’s after one of its patrons, 17 year old Darren King, had been seen walking toward car to drive home, though he was visibly under the influence.

When arriving on the scene, officer Juan R. Rest first tried to administer a breathalyzer to King, which was refused.  But since he was not driving at the time, there was nothing Rest could do.

Further efforts to stop the teen from driving home were met with a phone call to Darren’s father, Joe.  Below is a transcript of the conversation:

Officer: Hello?
Joe: Yes, I am Darren’s father, I need you to let him drive home.
Officer: You must be Joe King.  He’s clearly been drinking and is in no shape to drive.

The father then hung up, and the Officer Rest let the teen go, who immediately crashed into the police car.  Charges are now pending with respect to Darren King’s driving.


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