Sources are reporting that Swedish furniture maker Ikea have been cutting costs by not including all the parts needed to assemble their DIY products.

“It says use part G to connect A to F,” frustrated customer Whit Send says.  “But they only included three of them and you need four.”

Mr. Send is not alone.  A quick perusal of the company on Yelp shows that a similar scenario has happened to dozens of others.

“It is an effort to reduce costs,” CFO Penny Pinscher said.  “If we can drop one screw out of every 1000 items, we save millions per year, and pass the savings on to our customers.”

Many customers simply eat the cost of a new screw or peg, a few cents at a hardware store which is closer in most cases than driving hours to the nearest Ikea to complain.  But that’s not an option for everyone, like Brooke Banks.

“I don’t know where to find that stuff in a hardware store,” Banks said.  “I’m a girl!”

Ikea has set up a fund to replace the missing parts.  If you think you are affected, contact the company with the serial number of your product, and make sure to have a receipt handy.


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