The season has officially closed early for one team, 4-11 New York Jets are throwing in the towel and will not take the field Sunday against division rival, the Buffalo Bills.

“We weren’t going to win anything,” head coach Todd Bowles said at the press conference.  “And neither were the Bills.  It’s safer for everyone if we just don’t play next Sunday.”

This isn’t the first time a NFL team has forfeited, but it is a first in the modern era.  On December 5, 1921, the Rochester Jeffersons forfeited to the Washington Senators during a snow storm.  This was later revised in the record books as a “rescheduled game,” so this makes the Jets the first team to officially “forfeit.”

Fans seemed alarmingly apathetic to the news that the game would be a forfeit.  “It seems to be a thing around here,” Tony Lagoza said.  “‘Maybe next year, maybe next year.’  I’ll believe it when I see it.”


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