Chalk it up to another victory for Big Cattle, as Outback Steakhouse becomes the latest to remove kangaroo from the menu.

The exotic meat had been available in certain US locations to lend authenticity to the “Australian atmosphere” that the restaurant had been embracing.  But the company has pulled the product due to outcry from groups like PETA, as well as a YouTube video which surfaced last spring of farmers feeding kangaroos pork meat, despite marsupials’ strict vegetarian diet.

Many didn’t realize that Outback ever served kangaroo, though.  In 2013, the company announced its signature drink, the Wallaby Darned contained trace amounts of wallaby blood, the smallest animal in the kangaroo family.  Sales for the drink plummeted immediately following that announcement, until the recipe was recreated a month later using rabbit blood instead.

“The flavor of kangaroo is rather hoppy,” Outback publicist Jennifer Stevens said.  “It paired well with many of our beers, and our guests deserve a flavor combination that matches.”

When the supply of kangaroo meat is exhausted, Outback plans to roll out its next Australian staple, platypus eggs, as it plans to open a breakfast menu available in select markets.


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