Shortly after creating the fake-news site, Time Of The Week, web developer Chris Mistake has run out of funny ideas, sources say. He is now looking in the most unusual of places for inspiration.

“I don’t have any money,” Mistake said, “so I couldn’t hire anyone the old-fashioned way.  So I decided to hire my wife, and pay her in the only way I ever have.”

The website, created 10 days ago specifically to mock television provider DirecTV’s unfair billing, currently generates $2,369 per day, mostly in reader donations through Patreon, but most of that is eaten up with advertising costs.  “It costs a lot to put banner ads on your site, and that’s how you know you’re big time,” Chris said.

It is unclear at this point how much of the content on Time Of The Week is Chris’s, and how much is his wife’s, and until income tax forms include a need to report coitus, it is expected to remain a secret.


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