An anonymous man from Columbia, SC has finally won the prize he was trying for, and claims to be out of the game for good.

The quest began in 1998 when he needed to pay for his mother’s medical bills.  He didn’t have the funds to pay the $4,820.19 bill to repair her failing appendix, so he took his $500 savings and started to make it grow.

“There was a time I didn’t think I was going to do it,” he said.  “About a year ago I was down to my last $10 and I got a $5 scratcher that I won $20, and it started to get better after that.”

The man’s mother has been on life support since 2003 when her appendix finally gave out.  Doctors had initially given her 3 months to live, but her son’s persistence gave her the drive to carry on almost 14 more years.

“I knew he could win it if he put his mind to it,” the man’s mother said.  “Now we can finally afford to pay for the operation!”

After paying for the operation, the man went back to the job he left nearly 20 years ago repairing the Y2K virus, and said he would not gamble any more unless another emergency comes up.


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