Crews Monday announced they have begun construction of a wall surrounding the Mexico area of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT World Showcase in Orlando, FL.  A bridge will be constructed between the Future World entrance and Norway.

President-Elect Donald Trump has scheduled a victory rally on Friday December 23 at 7pm to thank the Imagineers for quickly helping bring another of his campaign promises to fruition.  The event will be free of charge for all non-Mexicans, and be held in the American Adventure, where Mr. Trump plans to reside after officially taking office on January 20.

But this isn’t exactly the wall that Trump’s supporters had in mind when they voted for the real estate tycoon’s Presidential ticket last month.  “That ain’t even a country, it’s some Mickey-Mouse [expletive],” vacationer Ray Cyst of Mineral Springs, Alabama said.  “We dun voted to keep them lazy Mexicans from takin our jobs!”

Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, when asked for comment said, “Look, he never meant the country Mexico.  Everything has happened, as he said a wall around Mexico, and we’re charging Mexicans, to pay for it.”  When asked if Mr. Trump knew that the Disney World attractions were not real, we were simply told, “no comment.”

Construction is expected to be completed by May 2017.


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