Karen Barnes, a 31 year old stay at home mom from York, Nebraska this week became the first person to successfully complete a project that she found on Pinterest.  Around 2:35 PM on Thursday, December 15, Ms Barnes made a patio fire pit out of salvaged boat parts.

“The hardest part was salvaging the boat,” Barnes said.  “There aren’t that many oceans near York, so I had to hire a boat scavenger to procure the parts.  It only cost a few thousand [dollars].”  Patio fire pits generally sell new for $75-$150.

Executives at Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters as well as Guinness World Records are verifying the feat and will feature the project in a one-of-a-kind traveling exhibition tour around the country’s most prestigious museums.

“No one’s ever completed a project found on Pinterest before,” Harry Derthen, a Pinterest representative said.  “Usually projects featured on our site are heavily influenced by CGI and other elements of dark magic.”

This news is especially troubling to millions of husbands around the country.  It gives hope to their wives that the projects that they see on Pinterest could actually be a reality, despite the first successfully completed project costing about 37 times the price of a new equivalent.  Divorce rates are expected to rise in the coming year.


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